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Captive Flight


This modality is usually used in certain events such as festivals, concerts, rallies, trade fairs, product presentations, bachelor parties or private parties. Captive flight can be done both day and night.

We advise that the captives be made early in the morning or in the evening, they are the hours when there is less wind and the balloon does not move as much. Since this is an event that moves a large volume of people, it is an essential condition that a person in charge is in charge of organizing the participants.

The aim is to place the balloon in an enclosure large enough to inflate it (50 x 50 m2), free of any obstacles or in an outdoor space. In just over 30 ’we will have the balloon ready; and once inflated we will tie it with 3-4 ropes so that it can go up about 15-20 meters. We will be going up and down for about 2 hours.

This type of flight is really spectacular and shocking to do at night for its brightness and majesty.


IBAN: ES08 0081 0056 9400 0229 6437
Sabadell Bank.
Account holder: Quico Vidal Gasch

To make the reservation you can make a payment and deposit of (€ 130) or you can leave everything paid.

Indicate name and ID when making the transfer.