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La Cerdanya

Hot Air Balloon Locations

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The Great Valley of the PyreneesA very diverse region of great scenic beauty. The vegetation here is considered to be of special interest, since the low temperatures and the high humidity in the area, along with its altitude, have contributed to the presence of species that are not typical of the Mediterranean area, but rather of northern Europe and the high European or alpine mountains.

Cerdanya is an ideal place for enjoying a hot air balloon ride in a unique environment, since it offers us a wide range of possibilities to discover everything from the purest features of the Mediterranean to the alpine meadows at high altitudes; sub-Mediterranean forests, beech trees, boreal forests with red pines, coniferous forests, black pine and fir tree forests.With its incredibly beauty, a hot balloon ride in this area is an incredible yet safe adventure.

Come fly in Cerdanya and experience the thrill!!

globus a la cerdanya