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Is a company with a long history in the Osona region, offering hot air balloon rides for passengers, among other services.

Over the last 30 years, the company has evolved and adapted to changing times. Since 2013, the pilot Quico Vidal Gasch has been the head of the project.

VOLAVENTURA has a team of professionals who provide the ground assistance services with the company’s own fleet of 4×4 vehicles. With all the necessary equipment, both in terms of human and material resources, they make VOLAVENTURA a professional experience.

VOLAVENTURA aims to provide the client with a fun, different, safe, exciting, relaxing and participatory activity, while awakening new sensations that you’ve likely never experienced before.

An adventure activity understood as such usually generates a certain amount of risk that not everyone is willing to take. A hot air balloon ride is a true adventure from start to finish, but the feeling of calm and serenity that comes from flying over the clouds makes you forget about the hectic and noisy world underneath you, even if just for a few seconds.

VOLAVENTURA provides you with the flying experience you truly want: in private or in a group, with friends or family, for business or for pleasure, with your significant other or in good company… and in the best place: sun or snow, in summer or in winter, day or night. An original gift that everyone will love.

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